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What we do

Enjoy a variety of FUN activities, tours and experiences at amazing locations. If you like the water and something a little extreme try an X-treme FUN Jetboard, Jetpack or Flyboard experience. If you prefer something a little more relaxing and passive, try the Paddle FUN options. Hire a Stand up Paddle Board or take a Stand up Paddle Board guided tour around the Venetian canals in Mandurah. If you prefer staying on land try Wheely FUN! Learn to ride a Segway and head off on a guided tour around the Mandurah Ocean Marina or for something truly Australian, try the Kangaroo, Coast and Sunset Tour. Head to our booking page for detailed information on all our tours and experiences.  

Why us?

1. Customer service

We believe that the X-perience is not solely the experience!

What we mean by this is that we appreciate that you are here to enjoy an experience such as a Jetboard Experience, a Segway Tour or a Stand up Paddle Board Adventure. Equally importantly to delivering a good experience is our awareness and dedication to consistently deliver  high levels of customer service from the first point of contact to post experience.


2. Locations

Hillarys Boat Harbour and the Mandurah Foreshore boast some of the most idealic water locations and tourism precincts in WA.

Hillarys Boat Harbour has the enviable crystal clear, sparkling blue Indian Ocean and a wide selection of activities, restaurants and bars. You can spend a day here!

Mandurah is without doubt Perth's best and most accessible Day Trip. This seaside tourism destination is surrounded by magnificent waterways with an abundance of activities, restaurants and bars for you to enjoy.   

3. Equipment

Investment in quality equipment ensure that your experience is also quality and enjoyed in comfort. Our approach is that if we provide quality equipment you will get maximum value from your experience.


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