Jetboard Experiences

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly like Ironman? Wearing a pair of jetboots you will be rising like a bird one minute, and diving into the water the next. Your instructor will guide you through the neccesary steps and have you flying quickly; your instructor controls the power and therefore the height so the experience will be tailored to you "as extreme as you want it to be". No other extreme sports activity can compete with the buzz that comes from weightlessly propelling you up into the air. Talk about a natural high! Whether you’re a newbie to extreme sports, or a seasoned adrenaline junkie, jetboarding is open to all skill levels. It’s guaranteed to provide you with a thrilling experience that you will never forget! The best part? It doesn’t require lengthy training and practice – anyone can master it! So don’t be fooled by appearances; jetboarding is not as tricky as it looks. but don’t take our word for it , check out our reviews.

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